The Hadrianus Kennel Story

I have been living in Érd since 1993. We moved to a bigger house with garden from Budapest – Zugló because of the dogs. I became accidentally involved with the dogs….. An English Setter puppy of 8 weeks was put under my care in the early 70’s. I did not have a clue what to do with it, I had to look after everything concerning the breed and how to take care of it. I went in search of the whole Hungarian English Setter stock. It resulted so well, that I bought my first dog for breeding purposes in 1973. Niki was the only female out of the first litter of an imported male born in Hungary. My first English Setter litter was born in 1976. A male and a female of this litter got several CACIB and BOB titles. No standstill from that time, one show followed the other. 11 litters were born in my kennel, I got nice results, among others one of female out of my breeding became Interhchampion. I also had a wonderful English Setter male from the world famous Italian della Bassana kennel (Cripto della Bassana). I dipped into the hunting with him.

I met Gyula Csekő in 1982 whom I married later on. He was also a breeder, he bred Dalmatians. So we bred two breeds for a while. I can tell you without exaggeration that  Dalmatians of the Hadrianus Kennel were well known all over the world. We had been breeding this breed for more than 25 years. Our main results: World Winner (1980 Verona), EuroWinner (1989 Belgium), 12 Interchampion holders, holders of champion titles of several nations, countless HCH holders. We won the Amsterdam Winner title with a female out of our breeding in 1988. We imported more than one dog from the Netherlands.(Kennels von Hius Dalmatho and Gwynmor).

My husband had been the president of the Hungarian Dalmatians Club for 14 years. He also was an international conformation judge of the Dalmatians, of all Setter variations and of Retrievers. This is how my devotion to the Retrievers began. My husband learnt everything possible to know about Labrador Retrievers from Mr. Zoltán KISS, owner of the MIDNIGHT SUN kennel. We became good friends with Zoli. After long years, Winston, a yellow Labrador male came to our home from Zoli and we loved it so much, that it stayed with us forever. In the meantime my husband became seriously ill and sadly he died in spring 2006 after a six and half year of sickliness. Our Dalmatians became too old as well and no more Dalmatian litter was born in our kennel!

Due to the yellow Labrador male stayed with me the idea flashed into my mind to start a common work with Zoli. This common work lasted more than five years. Lots of nice Labradors came in and out into my house during that period, I learnt a lot about this breed. 7 litters were born in my hands, I bred lots of puppies, I did my best to give them to careful owners, which I do hope, could do with success. In 2008 I decided to go on separately with breeding  and in 2009 the first Labrador litter under the legendary affix, HADRIANUS (Labradors) was born.

I shall do my utmost to achieve the same results as we got with the Dalmatians. When breeding, I shall do my best and the best of my ability to preserve all the qualities, beauty and health of this wonderful breed.

Szekeres Zsuzsanna

tel: + 36-30-230 67 40